Monday, November 20, 2006

Keep moving

Cause not much going on here. I'm swamped with work and the training of a new employee. As soon as this is done, I should have more time for knitting.
The only thing I've managed to do is knit up about another 4 inches on the cardi and I've done some minor stash enhancement. See not much going on.
Oh, BTW, I signed up for stitches west again this year. I'm taking classes everyday. I'm working on improving the skills. I'm gonna try not to buy much at the market, concentrating on things I can't usually get.

Thankfully, it's Thanksgiving week, which means I'll have 2 potential additional days to knit. This year we're going to my brother's for dinner. I'm debating if I can get away with taking my socks to knit.

More later in the week, maybe a finished cardi...

Monday, November 06, 2006

Toe ups

Not much knitting going on around here. I've been in a reading mood and that takes away from the knitting. The top down cardi and the forest canopy shawl have made minimal progress.
I've spent some time trying to improve my skills lately. I took a toe up sock and short row heels class a few weeks ago from one of the not so LYS's; just in time for the beautiful Sundara sock club package arrival. This month's pattern is a toe up one. Unfortunately, I'm not confident enough, and I don't want to ruin that gorgeous yarn, to cast on for that project. I'm using some hand dyed superwash, from one of the not so local yarn stores, that I bought last month instead for my first attempt. I'm been procrastinating starting these because of the provisional cast on. I found this tutorial and it seems the easiest of them all. Around 9 last night I decided to go for it and I cast on.

I love the colors, and it goes with my sock pouch. These are my lunchtime knitting. We'll see how fast I can knit them up if I knit them exclusively on my lunch hour.

No holiday knitting for me, instead I'm shooting for quite a few finished items off my ever growing list