Tuesday, September 11, 2007



I'm so excited, I finished my Indigo Ripples skirt and it's my favorite knit to date. I wore it to work today, my negotiations skirt, and I received nothing but great compliments. A successful knit does a lot for a knitters confidence.

I made some mods based on feedback from knitters on Ravelry.

Indigo Ripples skirt
Interweave Spring 2007
11 skeins Rowan Denim
Size 5 Knit picks options

1. I substituted sssk for the sl1k2togpsso.
2. I knit 16 1/2 inches of the stockinette portion.
3. I knit 50 rows of the lace then knit the ruffle.
4. I crocheted the tie with the yarn doubled.

The ruffle and the bind off takes FOREVER, but it's worth it. I love the finished results!!