Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Another proud moment, but first I must go back 3 months:
Me, sitting on the couch trying to learn how to cast on:
DD#3.MOM!! what are you doing. Knitting is for old people. Me,(Thinking to self) I'm not OLD...
Flashback 2 months ago: DD#3: MOM!! how much yarn are you going to buy??? Me:: (IGNORING such a dumb question.)
Flash back last weekend: DD#3 :Mom, I can't believe we're going to stop at a yarn store on the way to my soccer tournament. Me: Well....... it's on the way...( only 5 miles out of the way)

Flashback 2 days ago approx 8pm: DD#3 Mom, can you teach me how to knit and crochet.... Me: ok just review this cd (crochet made easy and Knitting made easy) and then I'll work with you.

Next morning:
Mom I'm obsessed!!!!! Now I understand, I stayed up late crocheting this scarf. Can we go to the yarn shop this weekend so you can buy me supplies??
Me: Supplies?? what supplies, I have all the supplies you need, (thinking to self, I hope she doesn't take my good yarn)
DD#3: I need my own supplies, I Need a bag to hold my supplies and good yarn..
Me: What have I done......

And here she is... Scarf almost finished

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Noeysmommy said...

Too funny! DH has said the same things to me....old ladies knit and why do I need so much yarn? But he hasn't asked me to teach him yet!!!