Thursday, January 12, 2006


We interrupt this program ( the essential stripe) to bring you a finished object. I didn't get much knitting done in December and I've been itching to finish something. Of course, it would have been nice if it was one of my works in progress, but it wasn't.
I was feeling a little left out at xmas. You see, I always get my brood, new pajamas and slippers for Christmas. They get to wear their new things on Christmas eve, so when we all wake up and open gifts, everyone, looks nice in their new stuff for the opening presents pictures.
Usually one of the kids, will get my hubby and I new slippers as one of our gifts. But... this year, somehow I was forgotten, each child thought the other was buying mom slippers, and none of them did.

So, since I was forgotten, I decided to make my own. These our Fiber trends felted clogs, pre and post felting.

They fit perfectly. As soon as they dry completely they will be on my feet all of the time. Made with lambs pride bulky they knit up very quickly.

Now back to the previously scheduled program, finishing the ES.


Noeysmommy said...

Those are cute Shar! and they look so cozy. Have you seen the Sweet Mary Janes pattern for slippers? It's really cute too. P.S. Sorry you got forgotten! :(

Nik said...

I always wondered if it was difficult to shrink them to the right size. I guess you just have to try them on occasionally while you're felting until they fit.

Shar said...

Thanks Karyn,
I almost felted it too much. I had to stretch it alot when I took it out of the wash. You have to be careful and watch it closely.