Monday, May 29, 2006

Hiatus over

I'm back, I think from a self imposed blogging hiatus. I'm not sure what precipitated it but it happened.
Things have been hectic in the household. My 3rd daughter is graduating from middle school. Most of my off time has been spent preparing her for many big events. First off, the "promotion dance". Her very first dressy school dance. We found a very pretty dress, shoes, neckless, earrings, purse... you get the idea. Next is the promotion ceremony, which means, you guessed, another dress, shoes, etc. And no, she couldn't wear to same dress, or shoes or earrings ... At least we are finished, with the shopping. Next up, the primping: you know what I mean... hair, nails, hands and feet, eyebrows, whoa. So much, but she is so excited, and her older sisters are as well.
With all of this, only a smattering of knitting has occurred. I'm to the heels on my socks and to the stockinette body of Soleil.


Lynda said...

Ooh, that Soleil is going to be pretty- I've been eyeing that pattern myself!

Have fun with all the promotion and dance preparations - we just finished prom x 2 here... but it was fun, hectic, but fun.

Bear Knits said...

Soleil is looking great! What yarn are you using?

Noeysmommy said...

Nice to have you back! Pretty pink Soleil!

jillian said...

Whoa indeed - sounds busy, but fun! Soliel will be so pretty - lovely pink color!

Shar said...

Thanks, I love the pink. It's online egyptian cotton.