Friday, July 21, 2006

Before and after

Camisole top before:


I've been slowly knitting this top this week, all the while thinking something wasn't right. I couldn't put my finger on it, my gauge was on, but I had too much length for where I was in the pattern. I kept reading the pattern trying to figure out what went wrong. Finally this morning, I read the increase instructions and realized I'd knit 2 additional rows between each increase row. No wonder I had so many inches. Once I tried it on my suspicions were confirmed. I also realized it was going to be a little larger than I'd hoped. This whole ease thing is still confusing to me. So I spent a few minutes ripping out my work and telling myself that knitting is not a race. I'm not in competition with all of the great knitters in blogland. The goal is to get a finished product that I'm proud of, proud to wear, not to be the first or the fastest. I think if I focus on this, I'll be more satisfied with my progress.
I'll cast on one size smaller later today. I'm off to see monster house with the kids.
Have a great weekend everyone!!

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Kelli said...


Those before and after pictures say SO much about the art and science of knitting. As a brand new knitter, I have started over on my first project many times but each time I think: patience, Kelli, patience - you WILL get this the way you want eventually. Thanks for sharing.