Thursday, September 21, 2006

Books books books

So in my effort to control/limit indiscriminate purchasing of yarn (that I will never have time to knit up), I've been increasing my library. Here are a few of my most recent purchases.
I've followed the blog tour of Lisa Kartus, author of knit fix, and I couldn't resist adding it to my references. I've found the answers to many of my problems in this book. I love how she identifies the problem and gives you the fix in simple easy to follow steps. I've used it many times already.

I've decided to knit a few things for my co-worker's baby, starting with some bibs from MDK. I found this pretty baby blanket pattern in this baby book.
I want to make it for her using some of my cotton ease stash, however, although she isn't due until December, the baby shower is next Friday and there is no way I'll be finish in time. I may knit it and gift it on her last day of work, or when she delivers. One of the "perks" with working at a hospital is that you have absolutely no privacy when you deliver. Labor and delivery is just across the hall from my department and we always "visit" before, during and after everyone's birth.

I'm off work today due to a nasty head cold and my nyquil is kicking in now. Off to sleep for a while and later I'll dig out some cotton ease.
***ETA*** Lion brand is bringing cotton ease back with new colors!!

Tomorrow, another birthday for my youngest daughter.


Wanda said...

I've seen that book and seen it on the blog tour and it makes me want to get it. I've seen it in person and I think I will have to cave and get it soon.

Noeysmommy said...

I've been buying books instead of yarn too. Sorry about your cold. Feel better soon! Cotton Ease!!! How did you find out they're bringing it back??