Monday, February 12, 2007

Home sweet home

We're back from Hawaii. What was supposed to be 5 days at sea, 5 days on the Islands, and 5 days at sea coming home. Unfortunately, turned it into, 7 days at sea, 3 days on the Islands, and 5 days coming home. We were unable to get off the ship in Kauai and Maui. It was a bummer, but the weather was frightful. High winds and rough seas prevented the ship from docking at one port and us from tendering on the second port. All in all, even with the disappointment, we had a good time. We spent a lot of time together, talking, playing cards reading, and knitting for me.

I managed to complete the blue sky's alpaca tank, all that's left is the blocking and seaming, one sock, and 13 of 20 repeats of the Forest canopy shawl. I hope to finish the shawl prior to Stitches West next weekend.

I'll leave you with a Hawaiian Waterfall.


mary said...

Of course, I remember you and would love to meet up with you at Stitches. I'll email my cell number to you next week, and when we arrive at Stitches, try to find a good time and location to meet up. There will be 5 of us from our knitting group at Stitches, so it'll be great adding even more. Looking forward to it!

Wanda said...

Glad you had a nice trip. Too bad about the weather, but at least you were safe. You made great progress on your knitting projects. I'm thinking of starting the Forest Canopy Shawl soon as well. What yarn are you using for your sock?