Sunday, March 04, 2007

Wicked misbehaving

It's been a long time since I've had a weekend free. Usually we spend both days with Soccer and basketball. Somehow, we had no plans for either day. If you think that sounds like a knitting weekend, you'd be right.
I spent most of Saturday, swatching for Flair and knitting Wicked. I took an unscheduled 3 hour nap mid day, but other than that, I knit most of the day. Today, after Church, grocery shopping and lunch, I sat down to do more knitting on Wicked. I completed all of the Raglan increases, took it off the needles and tried it on. The good news, I was pleased with the fit, I was between 2 sizes and wasn't sure which to go for,... the bad news, I can't stand the pooling on the collar area. Once I finished the ribbing, I decided to alternate skeins to break up the pooling. Unfortunately, I should have done that from the beginning. When I tried it on, I kept fiddling with the top portion, because it looked as if it was folded over.

I contemplated leaving it like that for a few minutes, knew it would bother me to no end, so Wicked is on a time out. She will be ripped and knit up again, in a solid. Switching between 2 skeins was getting on my last nerve... Arrghh,

Before stitches, I may have left it and settled. But, I've decided I want to be a better knitter and improve my skills. In order to do this, I forsee a lot of ripping in my future.

Wicked = time out
Up next, central park hoodie, or Flair....

Actually,this and this releases on Tues.

Knitting may be on hold until Friday.


Wanda said...

That's too bad about Wicked. It is such a cute sweater too. I'm sure you will like the solid version better. I really love that Flair pattern. It's so cute. Unfortunately you are right, if you want to be a better knitter, you do have to rip or be very, very careful. But the good thing is you will be happier with your knits, so it's definitely worth it.

mary said...

Too bad about Wicked but I think frogging is probably the right answer. If you won't wear it, then all your work will be for naught. I'm starting to crave the central park hoodie and use my new Stitches yarn but have to finish up my wicked first!