Thursday, April 26, 2007

Considering Monogamy

I've been in a blah mood. I'm trying to focus on finishing projects, so I can enjoy new projects without the guilt. I finished the blue sky tank, and hated it. I added length but it's still not long enough and it was not flattering at all. It's in the basket to be frogged.
Next up were socks that have been lingering on the needles since December. Well here they are in all their glory. My daughter promptly claimed them as soon as they were off the needles. These were knit from yarn from one of the not so local yarn stores, La Petite Knittiere hand dyed merino from Capistrano Fiber Arts studio.

I have one and a half sleeves left on my top down cardi. This has become my soccer tournament knitting, thankfully we have another tournament on the weekend so I'll be able to knock out alot of knitting on the sleeves.

My last WIP is my forest canopy shawl. I'm just not loving it. I'm reconsidering the whole triangle shape and I don't love the colors in the yarn. I've put that to the side. It seems a shame to frog when it's almost done, but will I ever use it??

Since I only have the one true project, the cardi, I'm considering maintaining one project at a time, sort of. It's been frustrating dividing my attention between all of the projects. I'm also frustrated with not finishing anything, which deters me from wanting to post on the blog. I've decided for the next few months to try to have one home project and one work lunch time sock project. I'll leave those at work to knit if I don't have meetings. Not quite monogamy, but a lil sock on the side doesn't count.

Up next another cardigan, either CPH, Audrey from hot knits, or if it releases soon the new cardi from ChicKnits.



Wendy said...

Cute socks!

WandaWoman said...

Project monogamy, huh? Good luck with that. I know what you mean b/c I recently went through all of the projects I have on the needles and I was starting to get frustrated too. I do like to keep 3-4 projects on the needles, but one is usually a sweater, a sock and some other smaller projects. I try not to have two sweaters going at once, but in the summer it doesn't bother me to have two tanks going, especially if they're sleeveless. When I have more than 3-4 going, I do feel like I can't concentrate and a slightly out of control feeling. I've gotten a couple of things off of my needles and I can see the finish line on another knit, so I'm getting back into the manageable range again. One of my friends regularly keeps 12-14 projects on the needles. But when she picks up one, she really gives it her all.