Sunday, January 20, 2008


TA!! DA!!

I met my goal and finished seaming the Harmony sweater last weekend. I'm very happy with the finished results. I've had such a phobia regarding seaming, which led to major avoidance of a lot of great sweater patterns. I can now say, I'm no longer afraid. One thing I did not realize is that it takes so long. I figured an hour or 2, wrong.

Pattern Stats and observations:
Harmony Cardigan Pattern from Trendsetter Yarns
Size 36
12 skeins Trendsetter Harmony Yarn
Size 10 addis.

The pattern was straight forward, however, there are no schematics on the pattern. When I was ready to block, I guess-timated what I thought would work. It worked out, but since it was my first time, I was unsure the whole time it was blocking.Thankfully I read Marie Grace's post on blocking and setting in sleeves the day before, what a confidence booster!
There is no finishing on the neckline so I added a slip stitched crochet edging to finish it off. The biggest problem..they totally overestimated the amt of yardage needed. I had 4 EXTRA skeins left ( actually 6, when I bought the pattern I thought about knitting a bigger size). Now I routinely buy at least 1 extra skein, but 4...I've already returned the extras.

Up next, Gathered pullover.


WandaWoman said...

I'm glad you overcame your fear of seaming. The cardigan is beautiful!

Tammy said...

It looks great! Hooray for successful seaming!

Tina said...

I also had a great fear of seaming, so I took a finishing class and learned a lot of little tricks that make me less fearful. I am still a little nervous, but I forge forward and in the end I am usually happy with the result, and if I am not I am not afraid to take it out and try again.

Michelle said...

It was definitely worth the time and effort! Your cardi looks great!

Nora said...

It's lovely. The Gathered Pullover is next on my list also.