Tuesday, January 22, 2008


I thought my next project would be the Gathered pullover. I started it as soon as I finished the Harmony sweater,I made quite a bit of progress Gathered2
and then I reviewed my Ravelry queue. I was looking for projects to take on our anniversary cruise. You know that agonizing decision, how many projects do I take, big, small, simple, wool or cotton. My thoughts and sights fixed on clapotis. I've wanted to knit it since I first started knitting. 3 years and 1 aborted attempt and now I'm obsessed. Clapotis 1I'm determined to finish it before the cruise so I can wear it and enjoy it. Although we're cruising Southern Caribbean and I know it's expected to be 75-80 degrees, inside on the ship the air is usually so low, I freeze. What better way to stay warm.
Wish me luck, we leave Sunday night. I envision a lot of late night, lunch and early morning knitting....and I still have to decide what knitting to take.


Gail said...

Have fun on your cruise!

Tammy said...

Good choice! I still want to make another Clapotis out of some nicer yarn than I used the first time. Enjoy your cruise!

WandaWoman said...

I enjoyed my Clapotis and knit it twice. It is a fun knit and very beautiful to have once finished. You will love it! Good luck on getting it finished in time. The fun really starts once you're on the decreases, because then you're in the home stretch.

Tina said...

Good luck in finishing it before you leave. If you don't you can always take that project and finish it while you are there, with the air condition on the ship it might be motivation enough to get it done.