Thursday, October 27, 2005

Gotta Finish

So, I'm working on the dreaded second sock and all I can think is I gotta finish, gotta finish now. Why?? My new yarn was delivered today. All I'm going to say is Luscious!! I'm trying to resist casting on for this, with my new, super soft yarn. Sigh!!

Anyone going to stitches west?? I'm seriously contemplating it and I know if I don't sign up soon, the classes I want to take will be full.

Ok that's all folks. I have a sock to finish. Lovely pics tomorrow.


Noeysmommy said...

I got my yarn for Ella too, but I can't start till I finish my Christmas presents!! Wish I could got to Stitches West....don't think I can leave Noey for a weekend! How about the event in Torrance on November 6? are you going?

Renada said...

Do it, do it, DO IT!! I signed up for Stitches West the first day! Unless you really, really wanted to take a class by Sally Melville or learn Continental, there's still some decent classes still open.

But really, no pressure!

Lynda said...

Very pretty socks! Can you believe I haven't used Koigu yet - I must be the only one out here who hasn't. Must get me some!

Shar said...

I'm not sure Karyn. If I decide to go, I'll let you know.

shizzknits said...

I wanna go to Stitches West, but probably won't make it- too far to go. :(

Lovely socks, isn't Koigu the yummiest?