Monday, October 17, 2005

What to do??

That is the question.
I've finished the minisweater, and my daughter likes it, but now I can't decide on my next project. I want to challenge myself with a sweater, but I can't decide on a pattern. I've thought about knitting a sweater with set in sleeves, a collar and perhaps cables. The problem is, if it doesn't turn out well, I'll be very disappointed. I've realized I've been playing it very safe and it's time to branch out. I've been surfing knit blogs, looking for the perfect project, as well as my notebook, which is full of patterns and nothing is saying KNIT ME.
So instead of making a decision, I've cast on socks. I've wanted to knit socks, socks, socks for a while, but the small needles have put me off. Since it's Socktoberfest, all of the knit blogs are full of pretty and comfortable looking handmade socks, out of very luscious looking yarn. At the knit out on Saturday, many of the ladies in our group were knitting socks as well. I've knit one test pair about a month into my knitting foray. They were knit with size 10, yes size 10 DPN's and woolease. Lets just say they are very thick and heavy, but they look like socks. So now I've decided to dive in with real sock yarn and teeny tiny needles, size 2 I think, and become a true sock knitter. Wish me luck. I plan to use the 2 circ method and knit ankle socks, those are the only kind I wear.


Saun said...

You probably won't get into a sweater mood until the weather really cools off. Socks will definitely keep you busy until that next big project. If size 2s are too small sometimes you can go up to a size 3. I'm using size 3 on my current sock. I'm also doing the magic loop instead of the 2cirs which I like better.

Kitten said...

good luck with your socks. i adore knitting them and, in fact, have problems working on anything else. maybe you'll find them addictive too!

jillian said...

I started my first sock not too long ago, but haven't found it addicting yet. You're braver than me, sock-weight yarn scares me. I am using worsted weight on 3's to get a tight gauge. Where's a picture of the mini-sweater??

Shar said...

Saun,If I wait until the weather cools, sweater weather will be over before I finish it.
Thanks Kitten, I need luck. I'll post a pic with my daughter wearing it. I haven't had a chance to take one with all of her activities.