Sunday, December 18, 2005

1 week left!!!!!

There's only one week left until Christmas and I am not done. I'm starting to feel pressured. I need to shop. Thank the good Lord I decided against knitting gifts. So why am I pressured?? One week should be enough time to hit the stores and finish shopping....true, however I have a sick child at home. The flu bug has hit, despite the good old flu shot. My son, also has asthma, so we have to watch him closely to be sure his asthma isn't triggered when he is sick. If it does, he'll receive breathing treatments every 2 hours and maybe a course of steroids. Needless to say, I will be by his side all day watching him closely. In addition, if one child has it, it will surely make the rounds to the other 3, as well as Mom, Dad and Grandma. I'd planned to shop all day today and finish...yea right. But alas my plans were dashed.

On the knitting front, the essential stripe is coming along. I should join and begin working in the round today, if I'm able to knit between being Nurse and Mommy.


goodkarma said...

I feel your pain! I'm not done shopping yet, either, and I had the flu bug myself a while back. Yuck. I hope you'll get through the week and still be healthy yourself. :)

Gina L said...

Hi Shar,
I hope everyone is feeling better. Good news is you are nurse Shar and they will be in the best of hands! If only you can find an elf or two to help out. Merry Christmas. -Gina