Thursday, June 28, 2007


I'm currently in the midst of a 2 week vacation. Unfortunately, we are not going anywhere this summer. I'm trying to get all of the "spring cleaning" done, that I didn't do in the spring. So far, I've cleaned and organized the hall closet "aka stash closet".stash closet
That was an eye opener, I realize I have a healthy stash, but ummm it's really healthy. However, it didn't stop me from adding to said stash yesterday.
I visited a new LYS and I couldn't walk out empty handed. I bought some sock yarn, and this beautiful alpaca silk.stash1" Eventually, it will be an Icarus.

I made another stop to pick up some Rowan denim for the Indigo ripples skirt.rowan denim"> I've been obsessing about knitting this for a few weeks now. I'm resisting casting on until I finish the cardigan,( 1/2 of a sleeve left) and cast on for Fifi.
Speaking of Fifi, I've knit a swatch ready to cast on.
Lastly, after seeing these everywhere, I've joined the crowd.monkeys1Monkeys">

Enough, I'm off to knit, and plan my next yarn store crawl.

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WandaWoman said...

I have a healthy yarn stash too. I do things like give away yarn, hold blog contests and then I seem to continue to buy. Sad, but I'm a happy knitter. It's looks like you got some Claudia's Handpaint. Is it the Plumicious colorway? Very pretty.