Monday, November 07, 2005

No motivation

I have no motivation..... to work. I have my ring and a date (for Dr Laura listeners), meaning I have a new job, and a start date. Now it's so hard to force myself to work. Much of what I do is for the future. A future where I will not be there. How can I in good faith schedule patients to see me, when I will be gone, and I'm unsure if there will be a replacement. So my dilemma, how do I make myself appear busy for eight hours? I cannot in good conscience stay on the internet and blog in between phone calls. I have statistics I must do before I leave, but I have 3 weeks to get that done. I could not possibly do it now... Oh the horror. To actually complete a project, before the deadline, 3 weeks before, I can't do it. I will have to think on it, carefully.....
So here we have a FO.

No not Ella, close but still no cigar, it's the men's cashmere scarf from last minute knitted gifts. Although, it's not for a man, and it's not cashmere. I knit this with 2 skeins of knitpicks peruvian wool in merlot. Yes, I know it wasn't on my to do list, but what are list and rules for... to be broken, changed, ignored. I knew you would understand.

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