Friday, February 24, 2006

Quick note

Much to say, unfortunately I can't. My computer is still down at home so this is a fly by post from w....
I've finished my essential stripe and I'm very please with the end result.(Pictures pending) I'm trying to finished some of the many unfinished projects I have on the needles now. Those include some socks, clapotis, vintage velvet,and a ribbed scarf for my Daughter. Once these are done, I'm casting on either Wendy's Something red or the ballet top from the winter Interweave.

I have lot's of pictures from stitches. Of course the stash was enhanced, but not too bad I think. I learned a lot of new techniques from the classes I took. One of those was a switch to continental knitting class. I think I finally have the technique in my brain, I just need to start a stocking stitch pattern to practice. I missed the dinner meetup with other CA bloggers, that was a bummer. My fault, I thought it was Friday instead of Saturday. If I'd had my, soon to be acquired laptop with me, I would have been able to double check the email for the correct day and time. Maybe next year.

Hopefully my next post will be from my new laptop and it will be filled with Pics.

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QueenLi said...

I'm glad you are feeling better!

Take care~