Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Be careful what you wish for...

In my last post I wished for rain. My daughter plays soccer and I'd hoped if it rained hard, we'd get out of a weekend of soccer games. I mean this is Southern California, we do nothing in the rain. Everything stops and we go on storm watch mode. We have emergency broadcast announcements warning of heavy flooding and mudslides. So of course, there would be no soccer....WRONG, Saturday afternoon with heavy rains and a light dusting of SNOW, my daughter played soccer. Thankfully, our coach decided to forfeit our game once the snow started, the officials stated they would only call the game for lightning. The girls enjoyed it but they were cold. The parents, well, let's just say, we were not happy. My day of knitting, gone... My fingers took hours to thaw out.

Sunday morning, with cloudy skies and intermittent rain soccer was played.
Lesson learned, don't wish for rain.

Here's my progress on the Marble shawl collar sweater. The back in finished and since this picture, I'm halfway through the front. It goes quick when I have time to knit. As you can see, there's a big difference in color in the skeins. I'm trying to ignore it for now but since this is the back I may ignore it. We'll see how the front goes.


Latoya said...

Sorry to hear about the rain, but the sweater is coming along beautifully.
Knit on!

jillian said...

Are you kidding me. That seems outrageous. We so infrequently get rain, much less snow, wouldn't you call the game? What if some of the kids and parents get sick?

I am sort of shocked at the color difference in the 2 skeins. Also a huge bummer! Is it the same dyelot even?

Yummy yarn, too.

Christie said...

SNOW? Wow...Life would stop in LA if it started snowing.

Shar said...

Jillian, it was very outrageous, thankfully no one got sick.
I'm kinda bummed about the color difference as well, it's the same on the front. All of the dye lots are the same.