Saturday, August 26, 2006

Birthday wishes

We've entered the family birthday season. It began yesterday with the first. We celebrated our daughter's 19th birthday. Now every 2 weeks for the next 6 there will be a birthday in the house. Here she is with her best buddies before we went out to dinner yesterday.

This has spurred me to finish long ago request. My other daughter requested a scarf last winter/spring. Unfortunately, I haven't got around to it. Well her birthday is next and I thought I'd surprise her with this.

I've been working on it when she's not around so she won't see it until she opens the gift. That has meant a lot of late night, early morning and knitting at work to complete it on time. Wish me luck.


jillian said...

Your oldest is so lovely - and she looks so happy!! Your younger will love her scarf!

Wanda said...

Your oldest daughter is so beautiful. Happy Birthday to her! I'm sure your younger daughter will be thrilled with her scarf. The color is so pretty.

sturdygirl said...

oh, i love that scarf pattern! good luck finding secret knitting time. :)

Nik said...

I'm working on another Irish Hiking Scarf for a cousin who lives in Chicago.