Monday, August 21, 2006

Out of the mouths of babes

Why don't you stop reading about knitting and knit...Per my 13 year old daughter.
We spent the day Saturday reorganizing the stash. I've been thinking that my stash was getting a lil out of hand. I had various stash hiding places around the place. Some was in a bedroom dresser drawer, the garage, a hall closet and the patio room. I decided to take the time to go through it all and catalogue it. This is it all on the patio floor. Much more than I realized. Here are some of the highlights.

The whole enchilada:

Lorna Laces:
Various Sock yarns:

I plan to post some of it at the destashing blog later in the week.
One of the things I realized is I have two various buying habits.
1. I buy for specific projects. Once I see a project that I like, I'm obsessed with the thought of buying the yarn/pattern etc until I buy it.
2. Impulse buying, if I hear of a yarn sale, of the perfect yarn that everyone is coveting, I have to buy some just in case. The first habit I can live with, the second I realized turns out to be most of the yarn I plan to sell.

So, what have I learned? No more impulse buying without a specific project in mind.
Now you didn't think I'd say that I was going on a yarn diet. That would be absurd. :)


Jeanne said...

Great stash - love the Lorna's Laces...what colorway is that on the left?

Ninabeena said...

Beautiful Koigu and Lorna's laces. Did you buy all that cottonease prior to Lion brand discontinuing? If not could you point me in the direction of what site might still have some?

jillian said...

That's not so bad! Although impulse buy yarn doesn't get knit up as fast in my stash as yarn for projects, either!

Nik said...

I had to take that attitude know buy yarn without a specific project in mind.
All of a sudden, I started getting sick of looking at all the yarn that was SUPPOSED to be some great project, but is still sitting in baskets...perfectly wrapped and untouched.

Nik said...

um, in my last post "Know" should be "not".

Shar said...

The lorna laces on the left is gold hill. I bought all of the cotton ease once it was announced that it was to be discontinued.

PurlyQueen said...

Gorgeous stash! I am very jealous - especially about your Lorna's Laces pile. I guess if times get hard you could sell some of it on eBay ;-)

Best wishes from a blogger in London, UK.

QueenLi said...

Okay, I'm beggin with a sign under a bridge - "Can you give some *spare* yarn?"..... I know it's been a while, I've been away for a minute. Great Stash!
Take Care!