Thursday, April 13, 2006

Halfway point

I've decided after I finish my gables, I'll work on some of the small projects my family has requested. I think by doing this, (they will get off my back),they will be very happy and I can concentrate on me again. First the scarf for my daughter.
My youngest 2 are on spring break, unfortunately they think mom and dad are on spring break as well. The minute we reach the door after work, they have our evening planned. Monday it was the to the park for 3 friggin hours. Tues, movie night, which worked out for me, mindless knitting. Wed off, cause mom and dad were TIRED. Tonight it's skate depot, ouch. Friday, speed zone. Saturday.... Who knows if I'll make it to Sat.
I hope to sneak some knitting time in to finish this.


Bear Knits said...

It's turning out very nice! What color are you using?

Shar said...

It's malibu blue. I had it in my stash and although I wanted to knit it a different color, I resisted the temptation to buy more yarn.