Monday, April 10, 2006

Who do you knit for?

Or what do you knit? I've been accused of being a selfish knitter. You see,after the first couple of months of knitting for my youngest daughter, who was very eager and accepting of my knitting, I've primarily knit for myself. I consider myself so new at knitting, so for the last year I have knit things in an effort to learn something. A new technique, a different garment, socks, shrugs, pullovers, shawls. Also to learn a different fiber, laceweight, dk, worsted weight, all in an effort to learn. So yesterday, my eldest daughter, who has asked me to knit her a scarf hmmmm about two months ago, asked when her scarf would be ready. Now I must admit, I did start a scarf for her, but it hasn't been a priority. It's a simple knit 2 purl 2 blah scarf. I'm probably half done. But, I have no motivation to finish it. Sad, I'm such a bad mom. It really won't take that long, but in my defense, I don't have a lot of time to knit. When I do, I want to enjoy it. I want to work on finishing the marble sweater, or green gables. I want to start 2 socks on circulars or toe up socks. I want to knit things that I can wear and feel proud about.
I know my knitting has improved because my family has started asking me to knit items for them. The eldest wants the scarf, a cap, and Lelah. The youngest wants felted clogs, wrist warmers, and a whole pattern book of sweaters. My son wants a pullover vest, and my husband wants socks. How am I to cope with the pressure. I can't possibly add all of these things to my to knit list, and continue to knit for myself. I'm really torn with how to accomplish all of this.
How do you do this?? Any help would be appreciated.


Christie said...

I knit for me. I don't have any kids, but I'm so concerned that I will get yarn, take time to make something special for someone and they won't like it or wear it. I guess it's just an excuse. Why not try to teach the girls to knit? They could easily make scarves and hats...the felted clogs would be a cool experience for them.

Liz K. said...

When I first began knitting, I knit mostly for others. I think it was part of my initial rationalization for spending the money on yarns, the time I spent, etc. You know, "It is for others, I'm making gifts, this is productive, yada yada yada." Now I mostly knit for myself, and try to fit in gifts for the appropriately appreciative and gushy recipients and charity projects. Mostly because I just don't give a damn about rationalizing my knitting time or expense anymore.

Shar said...

Chritie, I taught my youngest how to crochet, she doesn't want to learn to knit yet. To tell the truth, if I teach them how to knit, I'll have to share my yarn.... just kidding.
Liz, i felt like that briefly, but I'm past that too.