Wednesday, July 27, 2005


I said earlier that I did a little shopping yesterday. Well... I went to my local Joanne's with the intention of getting a few skeins of cotton ease in red.
This is what I walked out with.

Today, I never made it to SS admin. There was a major accident on the fwy near my house which closed the fwy for most of the day. This in turn, caused major traffic on the main streets in my nice lil city, so I went yarn store hopping. I intended to make a trip into LA, but I got a later start than I planned. Instead I went to 5 Orange county yarn stores. Here's my loot from all of the stops. I did restrain myself.

Now, It is official, I am placing myself on a yarn diet. I have so much stash, it's really ridiculous and I'll buy most of my yarns online, unless I just have to have something that day. Online shopping is so much easier.

Tomorrow, is a stay home and knit and gardening day. Here my latest progress on Tivoli. Bad pic but oh well..

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