Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Tempting is taunting me

I am so close to finishing. I've attached the sleeves and I have about 5 more inches until the eyelets. It's so hard to be so close to finishing and to not have the time to do it. We had a major bar-b-que last weekend, and I was so busy with cleaning and prep, then cooking and cleaning after the party. I was off work four days, and I was only able to knit a few hours on Monday. I so want to start my next project, that is if I could decide what that next project is. I have about 5 potential projects on my unofficial to do list (in my mind), as well as those that I have yarn and patterns for waiting in my yarn chest. Hmmm what to do??

I want to do one of these lace projects, but I'm kinda afraid of the patterns.

I will take the pattern to my local stitch and bitch meeting tonight for moral support.


Noeysmommy said...

Tempting is turning out so nice! I can never find enough time to knit....and I only have one kid!! :)

Shar said...

I've resorted to staying up late at night to knit. My hubby will be out of town this weekend, so I plan to knit all weekend.

Noeysmommy said...

I stay up late too! Never used to watch Letterman until I started knitting!!

Noeysmommy said...
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