Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Vacation Day 2

Day one went very well. I spent the morning shopping for school supplies, uniforms, and food. I hit up Costco, Target and Mervyns, 4 hours later... gasp 600 dollars gone. Oh well it had to be done. Unfortunately, not one skein of yarn or knitting accessory to be had. Well, I'll make up for it today.

I'd planned to take the kids to the movies, they had other plans. Here are my lil ones and my neice, frolicking in the pool.

Actually it worked out well. The spent the afernoon in the pool.
I spent the afternoon here knitting on tivoli.

It's my brand new patio room. My hubby covered and enclosed our patio, because I whined that I hated getting out of the spa in the evening because it was too cold outside. He's such a sweetie.

Plans for today... A visit to the dentist, cleaning time, then a visit to a LYS just to look....

One final thing, if anyone is still looking for Cotton ease, my local Joanne's still has tons of it. I resisted adding to my stash, although I'm thinking about getting some in red.

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Noeysmommy said...

Shar - you and your family are so Cute!! :) Looks like Tivoli is coming right along. How'd it go at your LYS??