Sunday, July 31, 2005

Down to the wire

Tivoli is almost done. I have 2 more increase rounds and I plan to add a seed stitch border. I'm working hard to finish tonight, because I'm back to work tomorrow.
I'm already contemplating my next project, ummm no it's not on the up next list, I should change that name to the thinking about it list. Up next will be either a minisweater for my daughter or a wrap or shawl. I'm also working on some ankle socks. I'm having trouble with the short row heel, so I have to do some frogging.
Branching out is coming along, but since I have to really concentrate when I work on it, I try to do 2 full repeats a day in the early morning, when my brain is still fresh.
Yesterday I went with some friends from work to the Indian casino. I'm not much of a gambler so I took my knitting with me. After a couple of hours, I took it out, sat and knit for a while. Let me tell you, I received some interesting looks from the other gamblers, umm patrons. I almost left my knitting at home, I'm so glad I didn't.
Well I'm off to dinner, and back to work tomorrow, which means not as much knitting time or blog posting/reading time.

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