Saturday, July 09, 2005

New projects on the Horizon

I am itching to start 2 new projects. After reading blog after blog, I want to knit Tivoli. It looks like a quick knit and I need a quick successful knit right now. Tempting is frustrating me. The 2x2 ribbing takes so long to knit a few inches and I so want to be done, but I'm having trouble connecting the sleeves. I've done the 3 needle bind off and I have 2 holes on each side of the underarm seams. WAAAA, I'm not sure how it happened, all of my stitches lined up perfectly, well almost, but I still have the loose stitches from the body that I don't know how to fix. I'm thinking about ripping back, but I will have to talk myself into that. There has got to be a way to fix it without RIPPING!

!AHHH, so instead of thinking about what to do I decided to make the flower chenille washcloths from weekend knitting, however, the knitting gods were against it.
This is what I ending up with.

I just do not have the patience or the desire to untangle this mess. I will be making another trip to my LYS to buy some more of this cotton chenille today. Before the weekend is over I WILL have a finished project if I have to knit all night. Speaking of all night, it's not good to be a frustrated knitter and trolling the internet. I ending up on Elann and knit picks and I bought a boatload of yarn and knit knacks the other night. If my yarn arrives today, I will cast on for Tivoli.

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knittingnurse said...

Hang in there honey! I got the same holes in my Tempting and I just picked up the back of some stitches and kind of whip stitched the hole close. I'm sorry that Tempting was so "blah" for you. Good thing is that you will SO enjoy wearing it. I've worn mine (also blue) a few times and gotten quite a few compliments. I was on a blog where the knitter made an I cord from the same yarn and used that instead of ribbon. I am going to use my extra yarn for that so that I have an "alternate" look for my tempting. Just thought I would share.