Sunday, August 21, 2005


I went to the "fabulous fiber fest" in Santa Monica yesterday. Let's just say not fabulous, a little bit of fiber, no fest. I'd read on another blogger's site that there was very little for the knitter. Mostly quilting and other crafts. I'd planned to visit 2 yarn stores in the area so I made the trek. I did come home with a few items.
I got this pretty soy silk chenille yarn. It matches my chairs in my patio room.


After the fiber fest.. I went to wildfiber. What a very nice yarn store. The set up was nice, everyone was helpful and friendly and they had some fabulous fiber. I brought home some kid silk haze & aurora 8 for a shrug pattern they had in the window. Also, I bought a cute lantern moon bag and these cute stitch markers. The light green kid silk haze is for the airy scarf in last minute knitted gifts. I met another knit blogger there, Karyn, her beautiful daughter Noey and her mom. It was great to actually meet someone in person. She's the one who told me about the shrug. She's making one as well.


My last stop was the knit cafe. This is where the yarn harlot had a book signing when she was in LA. It's a nice shop, but I felt wildfiber had a lot more to offer.

I arrived home to this... My swift from Joanne's...guess I'll be winding some yarn this week/ It will be so much easier, I won't have to wait for my daughter to help me.

I have a finished object ( finally) on the blocking board. More pics tomorrow.


Noeysmommy said...

Hi Shar! I agree it was NOT fabulous! I also bought some of the Soy Chenille. I felt the same way about Wild Fiber....definitely making the trip back there soon. I'm happy you're going to make the shrug....for yourself? or one of your daughters?

Noeysmommy said...

and great to meet you!!! :)

Shar said...

The shrug will be for me. I'm currently working on Lelah for my daughter.