Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Tivoli's all done!!

Unfortunately, the fit is not well. I should have knit the smaller size. It's just a little too roomy. I still have to block and weave in some ends, then I'll take another look at it. I will knit this one again, but for now it goes in the practice knit category. One thing I realized is that if there is something I don't like, and I tell my self it's not too bad,and keep knitting. I should stop and frog immediately. That one thing will bother me the whole time I'm knitting. Next time I will frog and start again. I have such an aversion to frogging, but if I don't I know I won't be happy with the end results. Anyway... here is Tivoli.


Noeysmommy said...

Well, you did a good job on it!:) The color is gorgeous! Maybe blocking will shrink it up a bit???

Toni said...

Blocking can make a world of difference. And even if you don't like it right now, you might later.