Wednesday, August 03, 2005

I'm resisting...

What you may ask?? It's the call of yarn. I'm back to work and on my drive home I pass 3 ( well one is a little out of my direct route) yarn stores. Now if you look at my last post,I clearly stated that I was on a yarn diet. I have so many projects lined up and most of the yarn for those projects, but I can't resist( well so far I have). Today, I actually drove by a yarn store that I wasn't aware of. Once I realized, I wanted to turn around, but there was too much traffic. Why oh why does new yarn call to me??
I'm off to my local SnB tonight. I had to rip a few...about 30 rows of Tivoli. I didn't do the M1 correctly and it left a nice little hole.
Branching out is moving along as well and tempting.. well it's not tempting me.

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