Sunday, September 18, 2005

Charts are not US

I've discovered I cannot read or memorize symbols. When I was younger, I wanted to play the piano. My best friend got a piano when we were 12 or so and I begged my parents to get one for me. Unfortunately, they could not afford that luxury, to me it was not a luxury it was a necessity. As I grew up, I harbored this secret desire, to have a piano. I swore, when I had children, they would have a piano and lessons. I shared all of this info with my husband early in our marriage. On my 30th birthday, my husband bought me a piano, finally I could fulfill my dream of owning and playing the piano. I promptly signed up for piano lessons and 2 months later dropped them. You see, my 30 year old mind couldn't read and memorize those notes. It was all greek to me.
So now I'm sure you can guess my dilemma. I'm knitting River and I've started a Flower basket shawl. Both have charts, the flower basket has numerous charts, my mind, 41+ year old mind, can't translates charts into words. I've read some knit blogs and knitters rave about how much easier it is for them to follow charts than the written can that be?? Many are my age, what is it? Oh well I will stick with the words and stay away from charts. Maybe I'm chart dyslexic??
Here's my progress so far. Unfortunately, I only had a few hours of knitting the whole weekend. Oh and I decided to knit River with dewberry KSH. That smoke color reminded me of scratchy steel wool and who would want to wear that?

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Kristen said...

I'm sure that preferring charts over printed instructions or vice versa has to do with someone's learning style- visual vs. auditory and all that. Go with what works for you. Your daughter and her one skein wonder are adorable!