Tuesday, September 27, 2005

So cool

I have such a cool secret pal. She's sent me 2 really cute e-cards. The one I received today was a talking card. The lil leprechaun (SP?) told me I have a package coming. How exciting. I wonder if there will be any clues as to who she is.

I still working on River. I haven't spent much time on it because I have to concentrate on the pattern, which means I can't knit it while watching TV, or late at night when I'm tired. So, my mindless knit has become washcloths. I don't have to pay attention, and the are quick and easy to do in one sitting.

I should have more time to devote to River over the weekend and early next week. I'm taking Mon and Tues off for my B-day and I plan to do nothing but knit.

Hopefully progress pics later in the week.

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