Sunday, September 11, 2005

The River is flowing

I finally casted on for River. I had to finish a OSW for my niece first. I'd promised to make her a pair of socks a few weeks ago, but that just didn't happen. My hands hurt too much with the size 1 needles so I had to put it away. Instead I decided to make her something really cute and quick. Hence, a one skein wonder in bubble gum cotton ease.
Here she is, whew....

Now I can devote my time to this.... River...

Here I am at row 12. I went down to size 9 bryspun needles with the hopes of avoiding the large holey yarn overs. I'm not sure if that was a good idea. I hope it opens up with blocking.

1 comment:

marirob said...

Super cute OSW! And a cute model too!

Good luck on your River - thank you for the comment on my blog! My River ended up being 15" x 53", which was close to what the instructions, I think. I'm sure yours will be lovely!