Thursday, September 15, 2005


My knitting week in 3 words. I frogged River. I inadvertently skip row 14 and knit 15. When I tried to gingerly tink back, it was much too difficult. Off to the frog pond it went, arrgh. I'm not so sure about the color anyway. I have some ksh in trance I may use instead. I'll decide tomorrow and get started again.

Second RIP article was my clappy. I hadn't knitted on it in a few days when I noticed a hole in the center. I thought I inadvertently added a yarn over a few rows back so I decided to tink back . Well I got frustrated with it and decided to start all over.

So instead of knitting the evenings away, I've read a romance novel each night. Now I'll be ready to start again tomorrow after work with a clear head.

I now have a self imposed deadlines for these projects as well as a FBS. My hubby surprised me with a 3 day cruise in Dec and I want to wear these on the ship. He said I seemed a little down and he wanted to cheer me up. Nothing cheers me up as good as a cruise (my favorite vacation/getaway). It really should be no problem to complete, River, FBS and clappy before Dec 9th but......who knows what other projects will distract me.

My secret pal contacted me today, Hi SP, I'm very excited to participate this round.

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Noeysmommy said...

Sorry to hear so much frogging going on!!