Thursday, September 29, 2005


Yea what a title. Today, my hormones have been raging, definitely major mood swings. It started out with a commute from hell. Then, once I made it to work, everything and everyone irritated me. I left early because I had another dreaded dentist appointment. By the time I made it home, all I wanted was to be left alone.
Usually on a day like this, I crave chocolate big time. Of course I knew I had none at home, and I forgot to stop and pick some up before I went home.

To my surprise, my secret pal's package arrive. Guess what was in it.

JUST WHAT I NEEDED........CHOCOLATE.. Four different kinds, I've sampled 2 already, YUMMY . Also, scented candles, a votive holder and a pretty card.

Thanks secret Pal, you made my day.

I leave you with River, actually it's still a stream, but growing.


Noeysmommy said...

What a nice Secret Pal you have! River is looking great!

Anonymous said...

Hey, glad my chocolate came at just the right time. Wonderful how those things work out, eh? Sorry about the dentist. Oddly (how DID the SP girls know?) I too have been having yucky dental appointments (new crown). Have a lovely weekend. Secret Pal

chele said...

What a great SP6 package!
I'm reading through a few SP6 blogs (as if I could ever figure out who mine is with so many here!) and enjoyed reading a few of your posts. Have a great week!